W├╝rzburg | April 11ÔÇô13, 2023

­čĺą Talk

If you want to present some overview of your current research or dive deep into one study and discuss it with other experts in your field, we invite you to submit a talk. Based on the topic, accepted talks will be grouped into symposia of five talks, so each talk should be 10-15 minutes, followed by questions.

The talk should be in English. Please send your slides as a .pptx or .pdf file in advance (until April 5th) or bring them on a USB stick, so we do not waste time with setup and handover. 

­čÉú Poster

Do you want to give peers a glimpse into your research and get feedback? Then present a poster!

Posters should be in English and in a typical size (i.e. Din A0). The preferred format is portrait.

­čąü Poster Pitch

We will select some submissions to present their poster as a 5 minute pitch to a broad audience. The whole audience is invited to evaluate these presentations and the three best posters will be awarded at the Social Event.

The pitch should be in English. If you want to use some slides or a digital version of the poster for the pitch, please send them as a .pptx or .pdf file in advance (until April 5th), so we do not waste time with setup and handover. 

Submission Deadline for all contributions
was on January 31, 2023

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us: